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Understanding THE ENERGIES around us.
Online course with Michael Winger.

  1. Clairvoyant course
  2. Healing course Part 1
  3. Healing course Part 2
  4. Medium course


About the courses

Part 1: Clairvoyant course
Michael Winger shares his secret and tells you about how he solved several missing people cases with his clairvoyance. In this course you get several psychic tests, theory about claircoyance and energies. 2 meditations. Michael guides you in the same meditation that he uses himself when he uses his psychic abilities. You can try to point out were a missing person was found in the woods and what happened to him with Michaels help.
Duration: 1 hour
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Part 2: Healing course 1
Healer, psychic and author Michael Winger have given healing to many thousands people. In this course Michael will teach you how he learned to be a healer. How to heal your self and others. Learn theory about energies, aura and chakras. How to activate the energy in your hands. Healing demonstration. How to cleans and balanse the aura and the chakras.
Duration: 1 hour, 6 minutes
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Part 3: Healing course 2
In this course you will learn more about healing and you will learn how to heal yourself if you have physical or mental problems. Meditation: The meditation in this course is a very powerful tool. You are guided through a long meditation that can be used for several things. You can look back to past lives and receive old knowledge or you can look back on negative events in this life. And then you can heal bad memories. You learn how to cleans objects and space for negative energies. And you will also learn how to program positive energies into objects. You also learn how to give a distance healing.
Duration: 1 hour, 9 minutes
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Part 4: Medium course
In this course you will learn the theory of energies and about the different spirits. Meditation: Here you will be guided on a journey so you can meet your spiritual helper or guide. You can get a lot of information by talking with a spirit. In this course Michael shows how he communicated with a spirit to solve a missing person case.
Duration: 53 minutes
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Michael Winger works as a clairvoyant healer and a medium in Norway.


  • He won psychic challange in 2011 on TV Norge and is known as one of the
    best psychics in Norway .
  • Michael has solved several missing people cases and documented his work
    and findings through film. He is now in a science program.
  • Michael has also published his own book on Norwegian, and are working on releasing it in english soon.
  • He has given hundreds of healings and has helped several of Norwegian
  • Michael has held courses for hundreds of people.
    People who come to his class is doctors, scientist, professors, police etc.